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Helping You Through Challenging Family Legal Matters

At the Rowe Law Firm in Baton Rouge, our attorneys provide comprehensive representation to individuals and families throughout the state. Reach out to our dedicated team for experienced, reputable assistance concerning:

  • Divorce: Whether you're contemplating divorce and wish to learn more about the dissolution of marriage process or the military divorce proces, we can let you know what is required to get divorced in Louisiana. We can also advise you on the role of bankruptcy in divorce.
  • Custody and visitation: A negotiated custody arrangement is always preferable to what a judge would decide. We advise both parties to work out all potential custody and visitation issues that work for them, while always keeping the best interests of the child at the forefront of the discussion. We assist with considerations such as relocation, modifications and grandparents' rights to visitation.
  • Child support: Child support is scheduled in Louisiana. While other factors such as any special needs of the child can affect the basic child support obligation, child support is calculated by a table that takes into account the incomes of both parents.
  • Alimony/spousal support: There are two main types of alimony in Louisiana: alimony pending during the litigation (alimony pendente lite) and permanent alimony (until the recipient spouse should remarry or pass away).
  • Property settlement: The legal issues in property settlement can be more complicated than any other area of family law. We help analyze the division of assets and debts under the community property rules. We will also assist you if you have concerns about unique issues such as hidden assets and the division of retirement accounts.
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements: We provide comprehensive legal advice and representation to individuals seeking to protect their assets and their children through prenuptial agreements. We are also available to assist married couples in creating postnuptial agreements.
  • Family mediation: Mediation is a healthier, more cost-effective conflict resolution method than is traditional divorce litigation.
  • Paternity: Many paternity issues are easily resolved by DNA testing. We can also help to establish custody, visitation and child support for unmarried parents.
  • Domestic violence: We understand the issues involved in domestic violence situations when tied to divorce, custody and other family legal matters.
  • Adoption: We enjoy adoption cases and regularly handle stepparent adoptions and other intra-family adoptions. We also assist in seeking the termination of parental rights.

At the Rowe Law Firm, our lawyers can also help with legal problems outside of the family law arena.

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