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Is talking about divorce before getting married a good idea?

It may sound like a contradiction, talking about the possible reasons why one might get a divorce from their partner, soon after they get engaged to one another, but some experts claim this could possibly be the best time do engage in this discussion. If a couple lays out their boundaries and expectations before embarking on their marital journey together, there are less likely to be misunderstandings further on in the relationship.

Louisiana couples should talk about non-negotiable issues for them. What does fidelity mean, how are they going to handle financial issues and where do they see themselves after a certain number of years. This gives each party a realistic expectation of their marriage.

What are modern approaches to child custody arrangements?

When Louisiana residents think of their options for child custody after a divorce, they may take the traditional view -- one of the parents is a primary caretaker -- the custodial parent -- while the other gets visitation rights, typically over the weekend and alternate holidays. However, this norm is changing. It is moving more into what is really best for the child, rather than what the wants of the parents. And, research has shown again and again that a father's involvement in the child's life is in their best interests. Children are shown to have lesser psychological and behavioral problems if parents have joint custody post divorce.

Child custody arrangements are getting the modern treatment, and this could mean anything, as long as children are happy. Parents are trying to peacefully and collectively put aside their issues and come to a custody arrangement that would make their child's life continue smoothly and allow both parents to continue to have a relationship with the child.

Division of debt in community property states can be tricky

Louisiana residents may be aware that when it comes to property division in a divorce, their state is a community property state. What does this mean?

Assets acquired during the marriage are considered community assets over which both parties have an equal claim. This also means the same law applies with regards to debts -- the debts accrued during a marriage are considered community property. This is different than non-community property law states, where the responsibility stays with the person who accrued them.

What is not included in my child support order?

Many Louisiana residents realize that even if their divorce is finalized, and the couple's relationship has come to an end, they still have to deal with each other, if there are children involved. From coordinating pick-up and drop-off visitation times to monthly child support obligations, the relationship does not ever seem to really come to end. Unfortunately, when the child support order fails to address certain issues, then the dispute may also never seem to end.

Children these days are taking music lessons, participating in sports activities, going to daycare or enrolled in summer camps. Though the cost of these activities is catered into the marital relationship, the burden of paying them falls into the air when the couple divorces. If not addressed in the divorce and included in the original award, they will likely fall under extras. This means the custodial parent will be responsible for making these payments.

Divorces can go smoothly with experienced help

When couples get married, they go into the relationship assuming it will last forever. Over time though, they may realize that they are no longer compatible with one another, or they can no longer continue living together. As a result, they seek a divorce from one another. Though the decision to actually get a divorce from one's spouse may have been one taken over a number of months, once the decision is made, people often want their divorce to be finalized quickly, so they can move on with their lives. In addition to having certain grounds for a divorce in Louisiana, there are also certain procedural residency and separation time periods that must be completed.

First, who can file for a divorce in Louisiana? In order to actually file for a regular divorce in the state, the person must have been a resident of the state for at least one year. Even if they are living outside of the state, but maintained their residency, they are eligible to file there. The actual papers should be filed in the parish where they either reside or where they last lived together.

Divorces can go more smoothly with experienced help

When a couple is together, they may not even realize how much their lives are intertwined with another. Everything, from the expenditure to the child's schooling, is decided upon jointly and responsibilities shared under some framework. When the couple decides to end their marriage then, separating their lives and finances becomes a complex issue and an innumerable amount of family law issues arise.

The end of a marriage a stressful time and even couples who had vowed not to bicker amongst themselves end up expressing bitterness by creating disputes. As a result, all the parties involved in the divorce suffer, as the proceedings become drawn out and money and time is invested in the process. Having someone else deal with the details and negotiations can go a long way in avoiding disputes.

How does income work as a factor in divorce?

It may come as no surprise to married Louisiana residents facing financial issues that money plays a big role in whether their marriage will last or not. This may be because remaining married to someone who is unable to manage their money and who is running up their credit card bills can strain a marriage -- diminishing family savings means even more financial struggles in the long-run.

A five-year study conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau revealed that bartenders and casino workers have the highest divorce rate, occupation wise. According to the report, 52.9 percent of gaming managers split from their partners, followed by bartenders with a rate of 52.7 percent. Flight attendants, metal and plastic machine workers and telemarketers also have high rates of divorce.

3 Things you should know about the divorce process

Most people don't think about the divorce process until they are considering a divorce themselves.

Information is a good thing to have when getting a divorce. Those who are planning on divorcing should learn as much as they can about the process so they can make informed decisions.

Here are three things divorcing parties should keep in mind:


Assets hidden in cryptocurrency can be traced during divorce

There are a number of difficult issues that arise during a divorce, and property division is one of them. Even though divorcing parties have the right and duty to share their finances through interrogations, depositions and documents, it is an unfortunate reality that some people do try to hide their assets. With advances in technology, the methodology has changed and, in fact, with the introduction of cryptocurrency, many believe concealing assets has become easier.

Louisiana residents may be aware that bitcoin is a popular type of cryptocurrency because it allows people to exchange money directly. There is no middle man involved-no banks and no governmental authorities. Even better, Bitcoin wallet addresses are issued in the form of a string of numbers, meaning the owner can attempt to remain anonymous.

Social media's role in divorce proceedings

Louisiana residents may be under the misconception that emails and text messages are personal and no one can view them without their permission, but this is not the case. During divorce proceedings, these forms of communication are not only admissible, but also subpoenaed in certain instances. This means if one party has not revealed some important information in court, but has shared it through another medium of communication, this can be used as evidence that the person is not being honest in their declarations.

Social media usage is very tricky and risky during a divorce-some experts go as far as to not to reveal any sensitive information in any form of communication. Shares on social media can be gathered and used as credible evidence that can be used against a party in many family law matters, including child custody and alimony.

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