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Police in Lafayette round up 'deadbeat dads'

Delinquent fathers in the Lafayette, Louisiana area have reason to be nervous these days. Members of the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office have ratcheted up efforts to bring to justice fathers that have chronically failed to live up to their child support obligations. They made some progress with their efforts, too.

Few custodial parents receive full child support payments

Child support payments are undoubtedly vital for single parents in Louisiana and across the United States. In some cases, this could be the only monetary support available to a child, used to pay for things that are essential to his or her well-being. These facts make recent stats provided by the United States Census Bureau all the more alarming.

Handling the holidays as a divorced family

Spending time with family is a staple to the holiday season. This is also a time of year that can get a little tricky and present some conflict for divorced families with children in Louisiana and throughout the rest of the country. The busy and irregular schedules that come with the holidays do not always flow perfectly with the predetermined child custody arrangements.

Which spouse is on the hook for secret debt during divorce?

Even while married, spouses can live separate financial lives. While sometimes this arrangement is by design, other times one spouse might be making financial transactions behind the other person's back. So if one spouse takes out secret credit cards and racks up debt unbeknownst to their husband or wife, is that other spouse responsible for half the debt after a divorce?

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