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Louisiana woman charged for abandoning infant

The Safe Haven Law in Louisiana allows parents to turn their newborn child in at a designated emergency care location (i.e. hospital, police/fire station, etc.). Parents who choose this option will not face criminal charges as long as the infant shows no signs of abuse or neglect. With this law, a parent must place the child in the arms of an emergency care employee. For parents that do not have transportation, they may call 911 for a law enforcement officer or EMS provider to pick up the baby. Parents can do this with children up to 31-days-old. Department of Children and Family Services will then begin proceedings to obtain custody of the baby to free the child for adoption.

Parents of adopted children grapple with native holidays

Louisiana parents, in addition to parents elsewhere in the country, that have adopted international children face a relatively unique dilemma. While these parents are raising their children in this country to be future citizens of the United States, many wonder if, and to what extent, they should keep the traditions of the child's native country intact. Some parents choose to celebrate their child's heritage while others opt to leave their native customs behind.

Comic strip helps bring divorce to mass media

Even though families of divorce are prevalent in the United States, our country's mass media does not seem to proportionately represent that. While there are many television shows or reading materials that depict families that deviate from the traditional structure, they are certainly not within the majority.

Social media puts troubled marriages in public

The dissolution of marriage is generally a very private matter. People do not usually want everyone knowing the details of a breakdown in their marriage; let alone what is happening in the divorce proceedings. However, popular social networking sites here in Louisiana and elsewhere is giving outsiders more and more of a view inside troubled relationships. Many times, our actions online can speak volumes, even if it is unintended.

Men more likely to leave during serious illness

Many different things can contribute to prompting a divorce. One specific trend not only here in Louisiana but throughout the country is particularly troubling for outsiders looking in. Many husbands find themselves ditching their spouses in their greatest time of need: While battling a serious illness.

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