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Financial woes of pro athletes with child support

There are plenty of professional athletes who are great parents to their children. Unfortunately, there are also a large number of athletes that show little regard to parenting their children. They recklessly have children with a number of different women, and instead of bonding with those children; they simply throw money at them in the form of child support.

Dog whisperer tames media in divorce settlement

After two years the "Dog Whisperer" Cesar Millan is finally a divorced man. Though he filed for divorce from his wife in 2010, his divorce settlement just came through. As a television show host for the National Geographic Channel, Millan makes $170,000 a month in salary. He was ordered to pay his ex-wife a single payment of $400,000. He will have to continue making spousal support or alimony payments to her in the amount of $23,000.

When mediation works -- and when it doesn't

What may have been considered the traditional path through the dissolution of marriage is not necessarily what works best for everyone. Many people see divorce as somewhat of a cookie-cutter process. These people figure that both sides are to arm themselves with an attorney and have it out in court. Under this method, there is generally a winner and a loser.

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