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One failed marriage doesn't predict a second

The sting of divorce can linger, making some Louisianans reluctant to marry a second time. In a new book, two therapists share their views on how to make a second marriage work and avoid some of the mistakes that led to the first divorce. One divorce does not foreshadow an unsuccessful second marriage, they said.

Sole custody doesn't have to be all or nothing

Deciding on custody arrangements for kids is one of the central-most difficult aspects within a divorce, as many Louisiana parents may know. When one spouse does not think the other is a fit parent, or has anything to offer the children, they will fight tooth-and-nail for sole child custody. Other times, parents will go into the proceedings demanding that joint custody be granted. However, one family court judge that sees these types of scenarios play out in court all the time cautions parents to seek knowledge on what these arrangements exactly entail to avoid confusion and heartache moving forward.

Authorities target delinquent dads in Lake Charles

There are certainly a number of debts that an individual can incur that are forgivable. Unpaid child support is not one of them and Louisiana law enforcement takes a hard line when it comes to negligent fathers who try to skirt their child support obligations.

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