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Divorce, not just tough on the wallet

Volumes have been written about the financial toll a divorce takes on a couple, but what about the emotional toll? Divorcing couples also must come to terms with what may be awaiting them right around the corner. It is often suggested that newly divorced couples in Louisiana and throughout the nation should remember that divorce is a difficult transition and is not always emotionally straightforward. A recent article provided some important points for couples going through divorce to contemplate:

Divorcing parenting can create a smoother transition for kids

At one time, parents endured an unhappy marriage for the sake of their children. Now, one relationship expert says that perhaps children living in Louisiana or across the U.S. might be better off in the long term if their parents actually divorce.

Seeking the advice of a financial planner can be helpful in divorce

Divorce is extremely tough, especially the factors that come along with it. Worrying about children and experiencing a life change are two major factors. However, add the worry of finances to that mix and divorce can become almost unbearable.

African leaders want to halt adoptions

Plenty of prospective parents from Louisiana and around the United States would love to adopt a baby, regardless of the baby's ethnic background and where the child currently resides. The couple looking to adopt just wants to provide unconditional love to a new child.

Father of 30 asks judge to lower child support

For residents in Louisiana, child support duties are extremely important. Sometimes, individual parties cannot afford it and ask for a reduction. However, in a unique child support case, a man has asked several times due to the amount of children he fathers.

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