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Does tax code lead high-earning couples to divorce?

A number of United States tax laws that recently passed have heavily favored single individuals over married couples. While growing tax responsibilities might not be the sole reason for couples to file for divorce, those who were on the fence about a marriage just might find reason enough to call it quits now.

When positive thinking is NOT good for a divorcee

Countless self-help experts and counselors will advise divorcing spouses to harness the seemingly magical powers of optimism. Sticking to themes like "happiness" and "success" can make the divorce process easier, and help the man or woman emerge on the other side with the energy needed to take on a new life, according to these experts.  However, not all pundits on such matters would agree. One family lawyer recently penned a blog that called into question how construction positive thinking during a divorce truly is. She also pointed out that, in some scenarios, positive thinking could even inhibit a person from truly grieving.

How to avoid second or third divorces

The financial blow that men and women in Louisiana absorb during a divorce is significant. Understandably, these ex-spouses will want to avoid further damage with a second or even third divorce. Unfortunately, this happens quite a bit. In fact, statistics reveal that second marriages run a higher risk of failing than first marriages. On top of that, third marriages are doomed to fail even more so than second marriages.

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