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Strategy for divorcing a controlling or bullying spouse

Not all marriages are made in heaven. If you have experienced living with a controlling, bullying or abusive spouse, you know it only too well. In these circumstances, there are a number of things to consider in getting ready to file for divorce. If it is an abusive situation, your first concern should be for the physical safety of yourself and/or your children. After that, financial preparations are in order.

Ownership of marital home up to courts in divorce

Unfortunately, often couples who are in the process of obtaining a divorce may acquire some mistaken ideas about how things work in the courts by reading the gossip filled tabloid press. Such supermarket checkout line publications are frequently filled with a myriad of lurid tales of questionable providence, including stories about celebrity divorces in progress.

Important Supreme Court ruling on ex-spouses and life insurance

The U.S. Supreme Court recently issued an important ruling that granted the ex-wife of a deceased federal worker the proceeds of his life insurance rather than his current wife at the time of his death. The government employee had designated his ex-wife as his life insurance policy beneficiary on the required forms two years before the couple obtained a divorce.

New law accelerates Louisiana adoptions

A new law just signed by Louisiana's governor will have the effect of simplifying the adoption process in the state. The statute is called "The Faith in Families Act." The statute is particularly good news for special needs children and the families that adopt them, since medical costs and other extra adoption expenses may now be subsidized by the government.

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