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Adoption or surrogacy are paths to children for many

Couples and individuals in Louisiana who want a child, but who either don't want to have one biologically or are unable to conceive, can find various forms of adoption a positive alternative. There are various paths for adoption, either domestically in the U.S. or internationally, and in some cases, becoming a foster parent can lead to a later adoption. Many people have also tried surrogacy arrangements.

Divorce battle lasting 17 years one for the books

Couples in Louisiana obtaining a divorce can typically resolve a court proceeding not involving children within six to nine months, with some cases involving child support, custody, and visitation taking as long as a year to resolve. In some cases, when the couple agrees on most issues, a resolution can come even easier. In a divorce case for the record books, however, two law professors who were married to each other have been engaged in a protracted divorce and post-divorce courtroom battle that has lasted a total of 17 years -- and it is evidently not done yet.

Mediation can be helpful in some divorces

Couples in Louisiana getting a divorce may, in some cases, find a process known as divorce mediation to be helpful. Mediation on some issues can be an alternative to fighting out each and every issue in court. It provides both spouses an opportunity to express their strongest concerns and to see if there is some common grounds on certain issues that they can agree on.

Financial ties may continue after divorce

When a couple in Louisiana obtains a dissolution of marriage, there are often continuing financial ties and obligations between them. One big adjustment for everyone concerned is that the divorce usually means that the same overall total income must now be used in some manner to support the routine living expenses of two households rather than one. Often spousal support and child support is paid by one ex-spouse to the other, with major financial and tax consequences.

Court upholds Iranian man's loss of child custody

An appeals court has ruled that an Iranian man should not regain the child custody of his son and that it was not unduly prejudicial to admit testimony at a hearing on the issue that he expressed fanatical anti-American Islamist opinions. He and his wife were married in Iran in 1995, and he was a student in the U.S. at the time.

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