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Getting divorced without an attorney can be a big mistake

Some people in Louisiana and elsewhere who are contemplating a divorce may be enticed by the thought of doing it on their own without an attorney, using instructions and forms found on some website on the Internet. While few would think of being their own doctor and treating their own illness based on information that any person without training can throw online right next to tales that Bigfoot is real, for some reason they may regard law differently.

How divorced parents cooperate to create positive life for kids

Divorce is common in today's society, with about half of all marriages ending that way. In many cases, children are involved. One recent trend in family law is that many divorced parents are cooperating to create a positive family life for children. Experienced divorce attorneys can help fashion arrangements related to child custody, support and visitation that can help facilitate such cooperation and lead to amicable cooperation. This avoids much of the acrimony and recrimination that could otherwise mar children's lives and experiences.

Post-divorce preservation of fertility a concern for some

When a marriage in Louisiana ends in a divorce, sometimes the couple has not had any children, or they may not have had as many children as one or both of the spouses wanted. In a small but increasing number of cases, women who believe that their fertility and chances of bearing children at a later time may have been limited by the passage of time are now exploring various options to have children later despite advancing age.

Important things to know about divorce and finances

For those in Louisiana going through a divorce, it is important to understand some of the things that have an impact on a property settlement. Louisiana is one of only nine states that have a community property divorce settlement. As a result, just about all property that a couple gets while married is divided equally between the spouses in the event of the marriage. This is generally true whether the couple has been married only a short time or a long time and regardless of each spouses ability to earn income through work after the marriage ends.

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