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Grandparents awarded custody of 3 grandchildren

Two grandparents have been granted custody of their three grandchildren after a court battle that lasted for months. They now plan to go forward with a grandparent adoption of the children. Custody of the three kids was up for grabs after their 2-year-old brother died at the start of the year because a stove fell on him while he was trying to climb on it while unsupervised.

Issue of marital home vital in divorce cases

Married couples in Louisiana going through a divorce who own a home need to carefully plan how to deal with the issue of what happens to that residence. For many, this may be the key issue after dealing with custody and support of the children, as it may well be the largest economic asset the couple has.

Different approaches to divorce

Approximately half of all marriages in the U.S., including Louisiana, ultimately end in divorce. In some instances, there is quite a lot of bitterness and acrimony, while in other instances, a couple may simply recognize that they've grown apart and agree that it would be better for all concerned to put an end to it and move on with their lives.

Getting a divorce? Some things to think about

For individuals in Louisiana contemplating a divorce, there are some financial and practical issues to think about. The costs of the divorce itself can vary greatly, and being caught up in full blown litigation over each and every issue can decrease the assets available to take care of your children, including saving for their college education. It is best to first rely heavily on your attorney to reach a good negotiated settlement on as many issues as possible, reserving protracted court hearings for things on which a negotiated settlement or compromise is not possible.

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