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Difficulties can arise in collecting child support

Noncustodial parents in Louisiana ordered to make support payments to take care of their children may, in some instances, have difficulty making the payments for a wide variety of reasons. In other instances, a parent may simply refuse to comply and pay. In some instances, past due child support may compound into thousands of dollars.

Proper behavior in divorce court

When a couple in Louisiana is getting a divorce, there are many things to think about, ranging from where to leave to child custody to financial issues. Your divorce attorney will be prepared for the legal proceedings and will prepare you to testify in court, if that will be needed. But what about proper personal behavior during the court appearance for the divorce?

Finding the right approach to a divorce

Many couples in Louisiana each year wind up ending their marriages. There are a number of important things to think about when initiating the process of getting a divorce. One of them is how to tell your spouse that you want one. The best way is to do it without animosity and with the hope of maintaining some level of at least cordial relations. This becomes even more important if there are children involved. Notifying your spouse of your wishes in an angry or rude manner can come back to haunt you and lead to unnecessarily prolonged litigation, instead of simply agreeing on many issues.

Deciding whether to move forward with a divorce

Many married people in Louisiana may be thinking about whether or not to move forward with a divorce when they are experiencing marital difficulties. Thinking about a divorce is something that should be approached seriously. You need to ask whether you believe that your marriage has really broken down irretrievably or whether you are just instead going through a temporary rough patch, perhaps because of external difficulties such as economic problems from unpaid bills or a job loss.

Domestic violence a widespread problem in Louisiana

Sometimes, it remains hidden and private, out of public view for a long time. In many homes in Louisiana and elsewhere, behind closed doors, there is domestic violence going on between boyfriend and girlfriend or husband and wife. Even more tragically, sometimes children are victimized and brutalized too. There are domestic violence cases involving siblings and other relatives, but the majority of the time, it occurs between people either in a marriage or an ongoing relationship.

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