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What to do when your spouse has left you

For some Louisiana couples, the breakup of a marriage can be unexpected and sudden. Sometimes a spouse just decides to leave. When that occurs, there are a number of things that it is advisable to do at once, whether you are a husband or a wife. The first, and most important is to immediately seek legal advice from an experienced divorce attorney. Factors that will have to be taken into consideration, of course, will vary depending on whether you have children, the type and size of the assets involved in the marriage, and whether there were any prenuptial or postnuptial agreements in place.

Athlete's former wife seeks promised property deal

Ex-NBA basketball star Allen Iverson,is being sued by his former wife. She contends that he has violated the provisions of their divorce settlement, including the property division. She wants a family law judge to issue a restraining order on her former spouse mandating that she obtain some money she says she is owed out of a shoe endorsement deal he is scheduled to collect on in early 2014. That should net him around $450,000.

Promoting awareness of adoption in Louisiana

The Louisiana Department of Children and Family Service, the City of Monroe and the Louisiana Purchase Gardens & Zoo recently co-sponsored a Saturday event to promote awareness of adoption. There are many families that would like to adopt a child, and many children need adopting. However, they are languishing in foster care and other temporary, less desirable arrangements. One difficulty with foster care placements is that as children "age out" and become adults, their support usually ends. They don't have a continuing family to return to. Adoption means becoming part of a "forever family," and most adoptive parents don't think of those they adopt as "my adopted child." They simply think of "my child," one to be supported, nurtured and helped through college, marriage, career and the rest of their lives.

Who gets custody of the family dog?

People in Louisiana ending their marriage have a lot of issues to contend with. There often is the family home, there may be a business, there usually are one or more cars, there are the kids, and there may be club memberships or season sports tickets. You have to figure out how to divide it all up, including the crystal punch bowl that was a wedding gift from Aunt Myrtle, long since passed on to her presumed eternal reward. But in an increasing number of dissolution of marriage cases, there is now the issue of custody of the family dog. In some families, there are also family cats, parrots, hamsters, or rabbits.

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