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Louisiana couple's custody issues continue after their death

Most people hope that parents and anyone else involved in the rearing of a child keep the best interests of the child in mind. For an extended family in Baton Rouge, that consideration has resulted in the beginning of a custody battle over two children following the death of the mother and father. The children's maternal aunt has filed a custody claim, and the children's paternal grandparents indicate they plan to file a motion for custody as well.

Filing for divorce may be a good New Year’s resolution

Many people who are unhappy in their marriage think about ending it, but often postpone taking action. With the new year just begun, deciding to finally go forward with the filing of divorce papers may be a positive New Year's resolution for some. If the marriage is effectively dead and non-functioning, lingering on in an unhappy condition for the fear of the consequences accomplishes nothing, and things may even get worse otherwise.

Immigration 101 - Getting a fiancé(e) visa

Your engaged!  Congratulations!   Now, add to your list of already overwhelming wedding planning details the all important immigration issue - how does my foreign-citizen fiance get into the United States for our wedding day?   Well, the simple answer is a K-1 nonimmigrant visa (A.K.A. the fiance visa).  

Safe Haven baby law to expand in August

In Louisiana, a Safe Haven law allowing babies to be easily relinquished and abandoned in a legal and safe manner is scheduled to be expanded on August 1. Currently, the law applies to the abandonment of newborn children within 30 days of their birth, but the modification will expand that time period to 60 days. Children abandoned in this manner may, in many instances, be temporarily placed in foster care or institutions, but can be made available for adoption, which expands the number of children available for adoption in the state.

Statistics: 3 in 5 parents miss out on child support payments

Many Louisiana parents who are dealing with overdue or unfair child support payments may be wondering whether they are alone in their situation. The answer: a resounding, "no." Millions of Americans are struggling to get by without receiving the child support they need to raise their kids. Further, there are probably more single parents who are suffering through the same situations as a large population of Louisiana residents. Today, a look at exactly who should be - and who actually is - receiving the child support they need.

How to cope with your divorce

For most people in Louisiana, going through a dissolution of marriage is difficult and emotionally draining, despite being the right thing for you based on the state of your marriage and circumstances. There are a number of things to think about and approaches that may help you cope with your divorce. One is to try to, as quickly as possible, put the arguments and animosity that preceded it in the past and adopt an outlook of increasingly looking toward the future.

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