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Getting organized after your Louisiana divorce

Going through a divorce is never a pleasant experience. When it's over, you likely want to toss those divorce papers in your safe deposit box or drawer and never look at them again. However, they contain important information detailing the things to which you and your ex-spouse have agreed. Failure to abide by those agreements can have serious consequences for you and your children. Therefore, before you put the divorce papers away, it's essential to record some important information.

Married gay couples' Louisiana lawsuit invoves child custody

A federal lawsuit by four same-sex couples who were legally married in other states is asserting that Louisiana's state constitutional ban on recognizing such marriages violates their federal constitutional rights. One important motivation and issue in the case for at least two of the couples involves child custody. Each of the couples has a daughter, 10 months old and 2 and a half years old respectively. Under Louisiana state law, only one member of each couple is recognized as the legal parent of each child. This is the case whether the child was born to the couples during the marriage or adopted.

5 judges decline to hear St. Bernard parish president’s divorce

The pending divorce case involving St. Bernard Parish President Dave Peralta and his estranged spouse, Sharon Schaefer, has hit an initial snag. All five local Louisiana judges determined that they should recuse themselves from presiding over the dissolution of marriage proceeding. Their actions came after the wife requested that they withdraw from the case, pointing to their prior working relations with her husband in his official capacity, including his role in helping to set a portion of the budget of the court, as well as his prior endorsement of a number of the judges when they ran for election and financial contributions to some campaigns.

New federal regulations may make international adoption harder

For families in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, who are looking to adopt children, options may be limited by the red tape associated with the process. One woman who has adopted four children with her husband said that adoption is an amazing experience, but that it can also be challenging. The Universal Accreditation Act, which goes into effect on July 14, may make the process even more challenging for those who want to adopt outside of the country.

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