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Metta World Peace sued for additional child support

In almost every state, child support is determined by a standard calculation that takes into account the income of both parents and the number of children involved. Once the child support amount has been decided, however, that may not be the end of it. One or both parties can go back to the court to request a modification of child support based on a variety of factors.

Ex New Orleans judge denied legal costs in pending divorce

Whether they are amicable or contested, divorces are tricky business. When a case involves a high-profile or high-net worth couple, the proceedings can become very complicated. Keeping the proceedings fair, unbiased, and impartial is critical, underscoring the need for independent counsel who can approach the divorce with a truly objective view.

Divorce advice for parents of children with autism

Parents of special needs children in Louisiana may have extremely specific worries and concerns when divorce comes into the picture. Since April is Autism Spectrum Disorder Awareness Month, questions regarding this topic -- and the unique divorce challenges that accompany it -- certainly come to mind. For example, is it really true that 80 percent of Autism Spectrum Disorder families end in divorce?

Louisiana Senate passes divorce and domestic violence bill

The Louisiana Senate recently passed Bill 292, which looks at the link between divorce and domestic violence. This bill, if written into law, would make it so that a divorce could immediately be granted to people who were filing if they could prove that they wanted the divorce on the grounds of domestic violence. This is something that is already a consideration when looking at covenant marriage laws, but this would make it easier for those couples to get a divorce.

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