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Pro-athlete’s contentious divorce stalled in settlement talks

Perhaps it's no surprise many Baton Rouge spouses have a difficult time settling issues at the end of a marriage. Sometimes, spouses resist divorce by delaying decisions when a dissolution of marriage isn't something they want. Some spouses feel the urge to "win" rather than compromise on conflicts over child custody, support or a property settlement.

Financial checklist for divorcing Baton Rouge spouses

Baton Rouge married couples who decide to end a marriage may not feel like dealing with issues like property rights. Prenuptial agreements or post-nuptial contracts can help avoid financial disagreements during the emotionally unsettling time of divorce. When no agreement exists, divorcing couples are bound to divide marital property under Louisiana community property laws.

Louisiana lawmakers may OK private firms to collect child support

Any Louisiana parent who's had difficulty collecting court-ordered child support from a non-custodial parent can probably empathize with a Louisiana woman who called collecting child support from her former spouse a "part-time job." It's a problem statewide and nationwide. That's why all but six states have turned to private businesses to help collect child support.

Louisiana legislation moves to curb domestic violence

The state of Louisiana has turned around its notoriety in being the state with extremely high fatalities resulting from domestic violence. Three pieces of legislation have been sponsored by Rep. Helena Moreno, the state's Democratic representative, who publicly decried the somber statistics of Louisiana's high incidence of murdered spouses due to gunshot attacks.

Virtual visitation changes the child custody playing field

Technology has changed the way people communicate, keep abreast of the news, shop and work. It now may play a role in the way people parent their children. Virtual visitation is slowly making its way into the parenting plans that are hammered out through divorce or separation as a way for a parent and child to stay in touch when they live far apart.

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