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Louisiana law prevents illegal 're-homing' of adopted children

Adoption can be a fulfilling experience, but a percentage of Louisiana adoptions don't work out. Adoptions can be disrupted or dissolved. According to, a disruption occurs when adoptive parents decide they no longer want the legal process to continue, while dissolution describes a change of heart about parenthood after an adoption has been finalized.

Divorcing Louisiana spouses may be using Bitcoin to hide assets

Baton Rouge spouses may feel hurt and angry when a marriage ends, but many never suspect an ex might try to take advantage of them. Louisiana divorce laws require spouses to divide shared assets and debt in community property agreements. The division often is an even split, unless spouses have some other legal arrangement like a prenuptial agreement.

'Gwen's Law' enacted to curb Louisiana domestic violence

A series of new laws to protect victims of violence were signed into law recently in Louisiana. The legislation is aimed at lowering Louisiana's No. 2 ranking among states with the highest number of killings linked to domestic violence. One bill was named for a Grand Cane woman, who died less than a month before Gov. Bobby Jindal signed "Gwen's Law."

Louisiana senator spearheads international adoption reform bill

People who love, care for and raise a child aren't always biological parents. Baton Rouge adoptive parents may be grandparents, stepparents or individuals totally unrelated to a child. Adoption solidifies the legal bond between a person or couple and a child they want to make a permanent family member.

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