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Considerations before deciding to get a Louisiana divorce

Discussions and articles frequently focus on the legal and emotional issues surrounding the end of a marriage. Information and opinions are plentiful about property settlements, child custody and spousal support – the considerations necessary once a divorce decision is made. Less seems to be written and said about the months or years leading up to the dissolution of marriage.

Louisiana parish president accused of harassment during divorce

Conflict is common between Louisiana spouses at the end of a marriage, but sometimes tension and hard feelings get out of control. Emotions can run very high during divorce, especially when the relationship has a history of adultery or abuse. Baton Rouge spouses can take legal steps to protect themselves from harassment and harm.

Louisiana program reconnects non-custodial parents with children

Fairly or unfairly, negative traits have been applied to Louisiana non-custodial parents. Parents, mostly divorced fathers living apart from their children, are accused of lack of financial and personal participation in their children’s lives. Baton Rouge parents may feel non-custodial fathers and mothers simply don’t care enough to live up to child support and visitation agreements, but there is another side.

Parents who adopted boy twice win 7-year long case

Baton Rouge individuals and couples who want to be parents but can't have a child of their own turn to other options. Adding a member to a family through adoption doesn't happen as quickly as some would-be parents would like. Legal complications add costs and stress and, after years for one couple, the stress is now over.

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