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Is consent ever unnecessary in a Louisiana stepparent adoption?

Baton Rouge individuals and couples who want to adopt can benefit by learning all they can before committing time and energy to the process. A blog can't provide all the answers, but an overview may help you prepare questions to ask an attorney. Let's narrow the field to stepparent adoptions, the most common type of all adoptions.

Trial decision on property settlement in oil baron's divorce

Harold Hamm has been listed as the 28th richest man in the U.S. His mega-wealth will be diminished somewhat as the result of a divorce-related property settlement, recently decided in a 10-day trial. Hamm's wife of 26 years will receive $972 million dollars, a fraction of a fortune estimated to be more than $16 billion.

What assets are separate property in a Louisiana divorce?

No matter where you live, the end of a marriage requires spouses to divide property. How you go about the process determines the shape of your financial future. For many Baton Rouge couples, it is better to negotiate a property settlement than to have a judge make decisions for you.

Louisiana professor sues ex for suppressing divorce papers

Property division at the end of a marriage can be determined by spousal agreement or a family court in accordance with Louisiana community property laws. Property settlements are contracts that must be entered in good faith. Spouses may not hide income, assets and liabilities or engage in other fraudulent activities to gain a financial advantage during divorce.

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