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How do courts decide on child support obligations?

Getting divorced can take an emotional toll. An individual may be ending his or her marriage to someone who he or she has deeply cared about for years, maybe even decades, and the circumstances that gave rise to the dissolution may be heart-wrenching. And yet, emotional harm is not the only issue divorcing couples have to contend with. They also have to find a way to deal with the financial realities of the situation.

Can a divorced parent relocate with a child?

Many people go through the divorce process, and many of these individuals assume that a final agreement or adjudication settles all matters. Though this may be true for property interests, for other legal aspects of a divorce that is not necessarily the case. In child custody matters, for example, an agreement modification may be possible. But when contested, is it possible for you to relocate with your child?

Prenuptial agreement could play role in Affleck-Garner divorce

The media gives a lot of attention to celebrity divorces. Reports often detail why the couple split, how child custody matters may play out, and how much spousal support one party might have to pay to the other. Oftentimes, these high-asset divorces deal with significant assets, and, therefore, prenuptial agreements often define the limits of a divorce settlement. One Hollywood power couple shows just how important these documents can be, and how knowing the law can help an individual make decisions that protect his or her best interests.

A legal approach tailored for every client's needs

Divorce is rarely, if ever, easy. Those who contemplate it have a lot to think about, as the process can leave them amidst heated disputes over a variety of issues. Child support, alimony, and property division are typically the most difficult matters to handle. As discussed last week, dividing marital debts can also be an emotional battle that you must face before you can reach a final judgment.

Property division after a divorce includes dividing debts

Many people in Louisiana carry some form of debt. Whether it is credit card debt, medical debt or a mortgage, debt is just a part of one's financial life both before one is married, as well as during the course of the marriage. However, it may surprise some to learn that, just like property, debts will be divided between the spouses at the end of a marriage. Therefore, it is important to understand what one's financial responsibilities will be after a divorce.

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