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Megan Fox files for divorce from actor husband

Divorce can affect anyone. From your next door neighbor to your mother, nearly everyone knows someone who either has gone through or is currently going through the marriage dissolution process. Not even celebrities are immune from the difficulties divorce can bring. However, it is important to note that, despite their wealth, publicity, and super star status, celebrities have to deal with many of the same divorce issues that everyday people do.

Unmarried couples and property division

Readers of this blog know that with divorce comes a whole host of family law issues. Property division, child custody and child support are all matters that need to be addressed and oftentimes are hotly contested. However, less well understood is that fact that unmarried couples in Louisiana can face similar legal issues. As more couples are putting off marriage, whether to find financial stability, avoid divorce or for some other reason, handling these legal matters becomes increasingly important. Therefore, this week we wanted to briefly touch on some family law issues unmarried couples may face upon their break up.

How can student loans affect my divorce?

If you are married and are thinking about getting a divorce, or if you are thinking about getting married, then you have a lot to consider. You might be excited about starting your new life, but you might also be afraid about the financial realities of the situation. In today's world, where education is paramount to finding a decent job, many individuals find themselves strapped with student loan debt, which may be one of your primary concerns. So this week we will briefly look at student loans and how they can be affected by marriage and divorce.

Representing parents in child support matters

Recently, this blog discussed how the amount of child support a noncustodial parent owes to a custodial parent is calculated. Though there may be some fluctuation in the final amount determined, that does not mean that the amount is final until the end of time. There are many situations that may warrant a child support modification, which may correspondingly raise or lower your monthly payments. Amongst these situations are the sudden loss of a job, the onset of an unexpected medical condition, or a promotion or change to a better paying job.

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