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How can a parent locator service help me?

When your child's other parent has been ordered to pay support, it may feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. You may feel as if you will receive the financial assistance you need to get by, and you no longer have to struggle to provide for your child. Sadly, though, far too many Louisiana parents are left in a state of financial insecurity because their child's noncustodial parent fails to pay his or her obligation. This can be infuriating, however, there is some good news when dealing and addressing this situation.

Our legal team is experienced in creating parenting agreements

As we discussed last week, parenting agreements can be a successful way to handle issues regarding the children of divorce or separation. Specifically, they address child custody and visitation issues, detailing a resolution. These documents can clearly spell how who will have physical and legal custody, how birthdays and holidays will play out and what a visitation schedule will look like. Though this sounds great, and it certainly can be, care must be exercised when coming to such an agreement. Far too often emotions can cloud judgment, leading to unwanted results.

What should be included in a parenting agreement?

It's no secret that child custody can be a contentious issue when couples divorce or otherwise split. Parents can fight over who will have physical custody, what visitation will look like and even how transitions will occur. Though, it is understandable to be upset when one realizes that he or she may not be able to have sole custody of his or her child, settling the matter does not have to be contentious. In fact, the matter doesn't even have to be heard before a judge.

Can I get an adoption tax credit?

The decision to adopt a child can be a big one. You might be giving a child a home that he or she desperately wants and needs while at the same time resizing and reshaping your family dynamic. During such a time, there is a lot to consider. Where the child will sleep, how he or she will be introduced to the rest of the family, how to make the child feel comfortable, and whether to allow biological parental contact are all very serious matters that require careful consideration.

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