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What is interim spousal support?

When a married couple decides to part ways, emotions can run on high. There may be a lot of negative animosity regarding the reasons for the breakup, which can only be exacerbated by skirmishes over divorce legal issues. Child custody, child support and property division can all certainly come into play and be hotly contested. Another matter that often leads to disagreement is spousal support.

Is single-parent adoption a possibility?

For many Louisianans, children are a true blessing. They love the dynamic of a nurturing family and strive to raise their children in a way that sets them up for success. Yet, there are many Louisianans who are either incapable of having biological children or they do not wish to have biological children, so they turn to adoption. Some adoptive parents simply want to give a struggling child a stable home and a shot at a good life.

DMX arrested for not paying child support

Many Louisiana residents struggle to raise their children. A big part of this is a lack of financial resources, particularly if the noncustodial parent is not pulling his or her weight. On the other hand, many noncustodial parents find themselves facing their own financial uncertainty, and are therefore unable to make good on their child support obligations. This means that a delicate balance must be struck in regards to a child support payment amount and the understanding that anything less could lead to undesirable consequences.

Domestic violence, child custody and the rebuttable presumption

For any number of reasons, many Louisianans find themselves in an abusive relationship. The abuse itself can take many forms, including emotional and physical, and the severity can also range widely. However, domestic violence of any kind is unacceptable, and those subjected to it should seek legal assistance to put it to a stop. But how can domestic violence affect a victim's children?

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