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Things of which to be aware during property divison

Divorce can raise a whole host of issues, but one that nearly every couple has to face is how to handle financial matters. Property division often becomes a critical piece of the marriage dissolution process and for each party's financial future. This issue should therefore be given adequate consideration, as failing to do so could result in an outcome that is unfair and financial devastating to Louisiana residents. However, it is critical to realize that protecting one's financial interests actually begins prior to marriage, and continues throughout the relationship's life.

Former Dodgers owner discusses lessons learned from divorce

Relationship problems can affect anyone, in Louisiana or elsewhere. However, when those issues arise during the course of a marriage, divorce may be on the horizon, meaning that the couple may need to start considering several divorce legal issues. How these matters are handled can paint the path for one's post-divorce life, so it is critical that they are carefully addressed. However, even steps taken immediately after marriage and during the course of the relationship before a split can have a significant impact on the outcome of a divorce.

The different components of child custody

When people goes through a divorce, they may have a lot on their minds. One's financial future, emotional recovery, and the logistics of one's new living arrangements may be enough to stress one out. Yet, in many instances, no other issue is more emotional and contested than child custody. Though parents can oftentimes come to a mutual agreement about how to divide their time with their child, sometimes the matter is more divisive.

The Rowe Law Firm helps address child support issues

In a time of financial strife, child support can be a financial stabilizer or a financial devastator. For example, as was discussed last week on our blog, child support for medical expenses that go beyond insurance coverage can be significant. For a custodial parent who is unable to collect a reasonable amount from a noncustodial parent, such expenses may leave him or her with the decision of which bills he or she can realistically pay in any given month. Similarly, a noncustodial parent who does pay his or her fair share of the bill could face financial uncertainty.

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