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Child custody and visitation interference can raise legal issues

Divorces can be messy, with parties contesting every element of a marriage dissolution. Although a lot of the negative animosity disappears when the divorce is finalized, for many Louisiana residents disagreements linger and affect an individual's post-divorce life. This most often occurs in the child custody and visitation context. When a court awards custody or visitation to one parent and the other parent interferes with that court ordered contact, very serious legal issues can arise.

Assisting Louisiana residents with adoption matters

The decision to adopt a child is one that should not be taken lightly. After all, bringing a child into your home can be expensive and emotionally taxing. Yet, for many Louisiana residents, the difficulties brought on by caring for a child are far outweighed by the joys of giving love and a home to a child who truly needs it. However, to ensure that the adoption is as smooth as possible and that all avenues for compensation are addressed, those considering adoption may want to get more information about family law matters.

What is the adoption subsidy?

Children can be expensive. Food, clothing and schooling expenses can be costly, but for many children these costs just scratch the surface. Unfortunately, many Louisiana children who are up for adoption have special needs that often deter families from taking them into their home. In many instances, it is the mere cost of providing adequate care and treatment to such a child that causes hesitation. Although this may be understandable, Louisiana residents should recognize that the state provides an incentive to adopt these children: an adoption subsidy.

Louisiana child support and enforcement

Child support can play a pivotal role in a parent and child's post-divorce life. Without it, a family may be unable to provide for a child's daily needs, including food, clothing, shelter, extra-curricular activities and medical checkups may be taken off the table. This is unfair, especially when a non-custodial parent has been court-ordered to pay child support. So, what can be done to try to collect child support that is owed?

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