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Child support can cover many expenses

Louisianans who have children know that being a parent can be great, but it can also be expensive. When parents divorce from one another, or when a child is born out of wedlock and parents are not together, covering costs related to raising a child can become a contentious issue. Child support agreements seek to settle these disputes and provide clarity. However, some parents may wish to learn more about child support in their state.

Domestic violence may lead to child custody modification

It is possible for parents in Louisiana to walk away from their divorce satisfied with the outcomes reached. With regard to child custody, this could mean working out a joint custody or sole custody with a liberal visitation arrangement. Yet, despite how comfortable an individual may be with such an arrangement, the situation can quickly change, leaving a parent concerned for his or her child's safety while in the care of the other parent.

Bill regarding adoption and biological parent contact dies

The adoption process is quite complicated, and there are many issues to address. In many adoption cases, one matter that must be settled is the amount of contact, if any, a biological parent will have post-divorce. For many Louisianan adoptive parents, this contact is unacceptable for a number of personal reasons. Parents may believe that it might confuse the child, generate anger and frustration within the child or cause logistical nightmares. The courts typically tend to agree, thereby keeping adoption files closed. This means that even the adopted child cannot have access to his or her biological parent's information unless they can show a compelling reason.

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