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Rowe Law Firm fights for clients going through gray divorce

A divorce can shape your financial future for years to come. This can be particularly true for those who aged 50 and older, as we discussed in last week's post about gray divorce. If you are considering ending your marriage in Louisiana, you want to do everything necessary to ensure you start your post-divorce life with as much financial strength as possible.

Gray divorce may hit women harder than men financially

Many Louisianans picture their golden years as a time to spend with their loved ones, enjoying a comfortable retirement. This is certainly picturesque, but is it realistic for everyone? Perhaps not for those going through a gray divorce, usually defined as a divorce involving individuals over the age of 50. In fact, studies have shown that these types of divorces, which are on the rise, can leave women with financial difficulties that can drastically affect their golden years.

The importance of establishing paternity in Louisiana

Establishing paternity is an important step in certain family law matters. Many Louisianans may know what the phrase is referring to (establishing who is the biological father of a child), but some may not be clear on why it is legally significant. We hope this post will help clarify why this critical issue should be addressed, regardless of which side of a family law dispute one falls on.

What is the purpose of spousal support?

Divorce can be an expensive proposition. Property division might leave one individual without the residence in which he or she resided during the marriage, with retirement accounts diminished, and with valuable items of personal property in the hands of an ex-spouse. Child support, too, can be costly. But the expenses associated with a divorce do not necessarily end there. Many Louisianans also have to pay spousal support, which can be expensive and last for a lengthy period of time.

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