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Brad Pitt child abuse allegations may affect child custody

Our media tends to fixate on celebrity couples and their successes and failures. Though many of us may experience fatigue hearing about celebrity divorce and spats over alimony, oftentimes within these stories are lessons to be learned. A Louisianan may be able to better see how a high-asset divorce may affect them and how child support matters can affect their day-to-day lives. Another area where celebrity divorces can be illustrative is child custody.

How to challenge a paternity dispute

As this blog has discussed in the past, there are many instances when a Louisianan may want to establish paternity. By establishing paternity, a custodial parent may be able to obtain much needed child support, and a man could claim his father's rights, which may include parenting time and custody. However, there are also instances when challenging paternity may be in one's best interests.

College expenses and child support in Louisiana

Having a child is expensive, and neither divorce nor having a child out of wedlock can shield one from the financial obligation of providing for his or her child. Though the length of child support can span many years, it eventually comes to an end. But when should it end? Obviously, once the child becomes an adult, child support is no longer necessary. Yet, many Louisianans may find themselves concerned about college expenses, as this period of life can bridge both childhood and adulthood.

Child custody jurisdiction when multiple states are involved

As we have discussed on this blog many times, family law issues can be complex. This can be especially true when matters cross state lines. When this happens, an individual in Louisiana needs to know how the law applies to them and how to protect their own rights, lest they be taken advantage of. Though multi-state involvement can affect many issues, one of the most important is child custody and visitation.

We have years of experience handling adoptions

Adoption in Louisiana is a process that can be beneficial for all parties involved. A child needs a home where he or she can receive the love and care he or she needs, while adoptive parents are able to expand their family and enjoy the love and happiness a child can bring. However, sometimes there are legal complications related to adoption, and sometimes the adoption itself is contested. If you find yourself in a situation where you feel in over your head and don't know where to turn for help, you may need the assistance of a legal professional.

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