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Unmarried and unknown fathers can snag adoption process

Choosing to adopt a child in Louisiana is a major life decision that can bring joy and happiness to a family and a child in need of a family. As beneficial as the outcome of the process may be, there are many legal issues that must be properly addressed in order for an adoption to be successfully carried out. If these matters are not address, or are addressed inadequately, then an adoption may be delayed or even disallowed.

Family law firm addressing custody and visitation issues

A few weeks ago on this blog we discussed the visitation laws in Louisiana and why they are important for parents to understand. Those who are unaware of these laws may fail to take advantage of them when doing so is in their child's best interests. However, simply choosing to be knowledgeable about the law isn't enough to truly protect your legal rights. If you are seeking to exercise your visitation rights, you need to know how to make compelling legal arguments that support your position.

Military pension focus of Supreme Court family law case

On its surface divorce and its legal issues can seem relatively simple: a married couple decides to break up and they divide their assets and time with their children. This is a far too simplistic view of divorce. The reality for thousands of Louisianans is that divorce legal issues are complicated and the outcome of them can drastically affect their post-divorce life. Child custody, child support and asset division can all be challenging in their own rights, but there can also be special circumstances that make resolving these matters even more problematic.

Examining the benefits and difficulties of custody

If you have children, then you likely make them a priority in your life. You probably want what is best for them with regard to their education and upbringing. While this isn't always a problem, you may find yourself facing difficulties with regard to seeing, providing for or protecting your children. This issues often come up in family law, not only with regard to child custody and child support, but also with visitation.

What is the general timeline for a divorce?

Some people in Louisiana know, generally speaking, how divorce works. In essence, you break up with your spouse, divide your assets, determine child custody and set any child support and spousal support obligations. In reality, though, divorce is much more nuanced, and you may find yourself wondering how it works from a technical aspect. Although it may seem basic, understanding the simple timeline of a divorce can help you get a grasp of what is to come and what to expect.

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