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Prenup, post-nup or cohab - legal help can pave the way

Holiday season both brings families together and increases tensions in families already struggling to keep a happy fa├žade for loved one's sakes. Though it may not seem like the best option at the time, one should consider starting the New Year on a new note and leave fledgling relationships behind. One reason may be because with divorces come uncertainties and many Louisiana residents prefer being in a situation that they are familiar with rather than one they are uncertain about.

What is the difference between a prenup and cohab agreement?

When Louisiana residents are married to one another, the relationship has a legal meaning-the couple has certain rights and duties in relation to one another, both during the marriage and during a divorce. But these days, not all couples are rushing to get married-they want to live together for some time before tying the knot. This could be because they want to assess their long-term viability or simply to reduce rent payments, but unfortunately domestic partners don't always get the same rights as couples do post breakup.

How can I avoid child custody disputes during the holidays?

Most parents want to spend the holidays with their children and when they are all living together as a single unit, that is traditionally how the festive season is spent. But when the Louisiana couple ends up divorcing one another, then the holidays are also split between the two new households. Those going through a divorce or already divorced understand that the holidays bring with them difficult conversations and negotiations about who will spend which holiday and which day with the children. Courts are often backed up with couples arguing over who gets to spend time with kids when.

Is one gender more likely to receive alimony than the other?

Alimony is considered a financial tool to even out the imbalance a divorcing couple may face as one spouse may be earning more than the other and, without a stable source of income, the one who is financially dependent on the other may find their financial life suddenly falling apart. But the question that comes to mind in today's families is-do men receive alimony as well as women?

Can unwed fathers object to adoptions?

As family structures are changing across the country, many children are being born to unwed parents in Louisiana. This has repercussions when determining the legal parents of the child-if a couple is married when a child is born, it is assumed the couple are the parents. When the parents are unmarried, the mother is legally the parent, but the father must establish paternity in order to become the legal parent of the child. Additionally, the legal father must consent or withhold consent from allowing the child to be adopted.

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