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What is the difference between a fault and no fault divorce?

When filing for divorce in Louisiana, couples can select either of two categories to file under-a no-fault divorce or fault divorce. The category one's proceedings fall under as this determines the type of evidence that must be presented to finalize the award.

When do child support payments end?

As discussed previously on this blog, child support payments enable children from a divorced family to continue to get the financial assistance they need to meet their everyday expenses and healthcare expenses as well. The courts often mandate Child support payments, even if the parties did not file for it. Though Louisiana residents may find this surprising to hear, there are certain instances in which a custodial parent may opt to stop receiving child support from the noncustodial parent.

How does a divorce proceed?

Even though deciding to end a marriage is a difficult decision that is gotten to over a period of months, once the process begins Louisiana couples prefer that the matter is resolved as soon as possible. Like most other legal processes, a divorce can be marred by delays, but most divorces follow a similar timeline.

Prep for a divorce in the new year to save time, headache

December may be the month that sees the lowest number if divorce filings, according to a study conducted that analyzed 15 years' worth of filings from one state in the country. They peak in March and once again in August-coinciding with the end of holidays that could contribute to stressors that could be the final straw that break a marriage. Many experts call January 1 "Divorce Day", as they see a spike in phone calls requesting information about divorce.

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