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Rights and responsibilities of non-custodial parents

The benefits of having both parents involved in their children's upbringing post divorce have been discussed recently on this East Baton Rouge Family Law Blog. As mentioned previously, when fathers maintain a healthy relationship with the children, it improves their self-esteem and reduces the instances of psychological or behavioral problems. This is why courts also lean towards awarding joint custody and parents try to create a child custody arrangement that reflects it.

Is talking about divorce before getting married a good idea?

It may sound like a contradiction, talking about the possible reasons why one might get a divorce from their partner, soon after they get engaged to one another, but some experts claim this could possibly be the best time do engage in this discussion. If a couple lays out their boundaries and expectations before embarking on their marital journey together, there are less likely to be misunderstandings further on in the relationship.

What are modern approaches to child custody arrangements?

When Louisiana residents think of their options for child custody after a divorce, they may take the traditional view -- one of the parents is a primary caretaker -- the custodial parent -- while the other gets visitation rights, typically over the weekend and alternate holidays. However, this norm is changing. It is moving more into what is really best for the child, rather than what the wants of the parents. And, research has shown again and again that a father's involvement in the child's life is in their best interests. Children are shown to have lesser psychological and behavioral problems if parents have joint custody post divorce.

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