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Intercountry adoption basics

Various types of adoptions were discussed in last week's blog post, but one was not mentioned, as it often ends up being more complicated than domestic ones. Intercountry adoptions, the process through which someone adopts a child from a country other than their own through permanent legal means and then brings that child to live with them in their country of residence, is mired in international, state and foreign law, which is why it can often become complicated.

Types of adoptions

There are different ways Louisiana residents who wish to have offspring can complete their family. One of the ways is through adoption, giving a stable and safe childhood to a child whose biological parents were unable to do so for one reason or another. Before embarking on the journey to adopt a child, it is important to understand the different types.

Does a promotion mean a person is more likely to get divorced?

A study looking into the adverse effects of a woman's promotion on her marriage has highlighted a worry trend -- many couples are in relationships that value a man's career over his wife's. As a result, a wife's promotion can cause an "unequal" balance, whereby a woman's supposed tasks are not being completed, straining the marriage. The study concluded that married women promoted, either in the public sector or in the private, were more likely to get divorced soon after their promotion.

Negotiating a child custody agreement is possible with help

Going from seeing one's children on a daily basis to once a week is a huge transition not just for divorcing Louisiana parents, but also for their children. However, this does not have to be the only option. As mentioned previously on this blog, judges are now favoring joint custody awards, giving both parents equal access to children and allowing them to develop a relationship with their children.

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