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Is talking about divorce before getting married a good idea?

It may sound like a contradiction, talking about the possible reasons why one might get a divorce from their partner, soon after they get engaged to one another, but some experts claim this could possibly be the best time do engage in this discussion. If a couple lays out their boundaries and expectations before embarking on their marital journey together, there are less likely to be misunderstandings further on in the relationship.

What is not included in my child support order?

Many Louisiana residents realize that even if their divorce is finalized, and the couple's relationship has come to an end, they still have to deal with each other, if there are children involved. From coordinating pick-up and drop-off visitation times to monthly child support obligations, the relationship does not ever seem to really come to end. Unfortunately, when the child support order fails to address certain issues, then the dispute may also never seem to end.

Divorces can go smoothly with experienced help

When couples get married, they go into the relationship assuming it will last forever. Over time though, they may realize that they are no longer compatible with one another, or they can no longer continue living together. As a result, they seek a divorce from one another. Though the decision to actually get a divorce from one's spouse may have been one taken over a number of months, once the decision is made, people often want their divorce to be finalized quickly, so they can move on with their lives. In addition to having certain grounds for a divorce in Louisiana, there are also certain procedural residency and separation time periods that must be completed.

Assets hidden in cryptocurrency can be traced during divorce

There are a number of difficult issues that arise during a divorce, and property division is one of them. Even though divorcing parties have the right and duty to share their finances through interrogations, depositions and documents, it is an unfortunate reality that some people do try to hide their assets. With advances in technology, the methodology has changed and, in fact, with the introduction of cryptocurrency, many believe concealing assets has become easier.

What is the difference between a fault and no fault divorce?

When filing for divorce in Louisiana, couples can select either of two categories to file under-a no-fault divorce or fault divorce. The category one's proceedings fall under as this determines the type of evidence that must be presented to finalize the award.

How does a divorce proceed?

Even though deciding to end a marriage is a difficult decision that is gotten to over a period of months, once the process begins Louisiana couples prefer that the matter is resolved as soon as possible. Like most other legal processes, a divorce can be marred by delays, but most divorces follow a similar timeline.

Prep for a divorce in the new year to save time, headache

December may be the month that sees the lowest number if divorce filings, according to a study conducted that analyzed 15 years' worth of filings from one state in the country. They peak in March and once again in August-coinciding with the end of holidays that could contribute to stressors that could be the final straw that break a marriage. Many experts call January 1 "Divorce Day", as they see a spike in phone calls requesting information about divorce.

When can grandparents get custody of grandchildren?

The bond between grandparents and grandchildren is a very strong one-they can enjoy their grandchildren and provide them with the love and attention that perhaps they were unable to shower on their own children. Each generation plays an important role in the other's well-being-children help their elders stay young and grandparents provide support and a strong foundation. When the child's parents are going through a divorce, this bond also ends up being affected, much to the dismay of grandparents.

When was I separated from my spouse and does it matter?

When one is getting married, the question they invariably end up answering the most is "how did you know your spouse was the one?" and when one is getting divorced, the most asked question is "how did you know your marriage was over?". It helps a divorcing individual get through the process as well by drawing a line between their former life and the life they are about to embark upon. Emotionally, it can be part of the healing process. It might surprise Louisiana residents to know that this proverbial line in the sand is an important part of the divorce process as well.

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