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How Baton Rouge marriages end

You'll find countless blogs listing the reasons marriages end. Blogs containing that sort of information can be helpful when you're trying to cope with emotional turmoil during separation and divorce. However, this post deals with the legal process of obtaining a Louisiana divorce.

Payment options for Louisiana spousal support

Alimony may be awarded before and after the end of a Baton Rouge marriage. Alimony pendente lite is a spousal support agreement for married couples who are separated but not yet divorced. Spousal support paid following divorce can be temporary or permanent, although temporary alimony is more likely today than in years past, when spousal earnings were not as equal.

Solving a pet division problem during a Louisiana divorce

Assets don't have to be valuable to be disputable. Grandmother's old tea set may be worth very little to most people, but not to someone who attaches good memories to it. If you're getting a Louisiana divorce, attorneys advise taking the emotional value of property into consideration alongside the market value.

Considerations before deciding to get a Louisiana divorce

Discussions and articles frequently focus on the legal and emotional issues surrounding the end of a marriage. Information and opinions are plentiful about property settlements, child custody and spousal support – the considerations necessary once a divorce decision is made. Less seems to be written and said about the months or years leading up to the dissolution of marriage.

Pro-athlete’s contentious divorce stalled in settlement talks

Perhaps it's no surprise many Baton Rouge spouses have a difficult time settling issues at the end of a marriage. Sometimes, spouses resist divorce by delaying decisions when a dissolution of marriage isn't something they want. Some spouses feel the urge to "win" rather than compromise on conflicts over child custody, support or a property settlement.

5 judges decline to hear St. Bernard parish president’s divorce

The pending divorce case involving St. Bernard Parish President Dave Peralta and his estranged spouse, Sharon Schaefer, has hit an initial snag. All five local Louisiana judges determined that they should recuse themselves from presiding over the dissolution of marriage proceeding. Their actions came after the wife requested that they withdraw from the case, pointing to their prior working relations with her husband in his official capacity, including his role in helping to set a portion of the budget of the court, as well as his prior endorsement of a number of the judges when they ran for election and financial contributions to some campaigns.

How to cope with your divorce

For most people in Louisiana, going through a dissolution of marriage is difficult and emotionally draining, despite being the right thing for you based on the state of your marriage and circumstances. There are a number of things to think about and approaches that may help you cope with your divorce. One is to try to, as quickly as possible, put the arguments and animosity that preceded it in the past and adopt an outlook of increasingly looking toward the future.

Who gets custody of the family dog?

People in Louisiana ending their marriage have a lot of issues to contend with. There often is the family home, there may be a business, there usually are one or more cars, there are the kids, and there may be club memberships or season sports tickets. You have to figure out how to divide it all up, including the crystal punch bowl that was a wedding gift from Aunt Myrtle, long since passed on to her presumed eternal reward. But in an increasing number of dissolution of marriage cases, there is now the issue of custody of the family dog. In some families, there are also family cats, parrots, hamsters, or rabbits.

Financial ties may continue after divorce

When a couple in Louisiana obtains a dissolution of marriage, there are often continuing financial ties and obligations between them. One big adjustment for everyone concerned is that the divorce usually means that the same overall total income must now be used in some manner to support the routine living expenses of two households rather than one. Often spousal support and child support is paid by one ex-spouse to the other, with major financial and tax consequences.

Some tips for those considering a divorce

If your life is such that you are considering a dissolution of marriage, there are a number of things that you may want to consider. The first is that it is very important to make your decisions after getting all the possible information you can. You may want to consult with an attorney, even if you haven't made a final decision yet. An attorney can ensure that you are informed of your rights, obligations and any preparations you may need to make. You can be advised about the divorce laws in your state, court costs, attorneys' fees, and the ins and outs of child support, custody, visitation, property division and spousal support.

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