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Divorces can go more smoothly with experienced help

When a couple is together, they may not even realize how much their lives are intertwined with another. Everything, from the expenditure to the child's schooling, is decided upon jointly and responsibilities shared under some framework. When the couple decides to end their marriage then, separating their lives and finances becomes a complex issue and an innumerable amount of family law issues arise.

How does income work as a factor in divorce?

It may come as no surprise to married Louisiana residents facing financial issues that money plays a big role in whether their marriage will last or not. This may be because remaining married to someone who is unable to manage their money and who is running up their credit card bills can strain a marriage -- diminishing family savings means even more financial struggles in the long-run.

Social media's role in divorce proceedings

Louisiana residents may be under the misconception that emails and text messages are personal and no one can view them without their permission, but this is not the case. During divorce proceedings, these forms of communication are not only admissible, but also subpoenaed in certain instances. This means if one party has not revealed some important information in court, but has shared it through another medium of communication, this can be used as evidence that the person is not being honest in their declarations.

Prenup, post-nup or cohab - legal help can pave the way

Holiday season both brings families together and increases tensions in families already struggling to keep a happy façade for loved one's sakes. Though it may not seem like the best option at the time, one should consider starting the New Year on a new note and leave fledgling relationships behind. One reason may be because with divorces come uncertainties and many Louisiana residents prefer being in a situation that they are familiar with rather than one they are uncertain about.

What is the difference between a prenup and cohab agreement?

When Louisiana residents are married to one another, the relationship has a legal meaning-the couple has certain rights and duties in relation to one another, both during the marriage and during a divorce. But these days, not all couples are rushing to get married-they want to live together for some time before tying the knot. This could be because they want to assess their long-term viability or simply to reduce rent payments, but unfortunately domestic partners don't always get the same rights as couples do post breakup.

Is one gender more likely to receive alimony than the other?

Alimony is considered a financial tool to even out the imbalance a divorcing couple may face as one spouse may be earning more than the other and, without a stable source of income, the one who is financially dependent on the other may find their financial life suddenly falling apart. But the question that comes to mind in today's families is-do men receive alimony as well as women?

The relationship between tax reform and alimony

One way a divorcing couple tries to even out the financial imbalance a divorce causes is by establishing alimony-financial support from a former spouse who earns more income to the other spouse who perhaps earns lesser or has not been working for some time due to the marriage. Alimony is an important tool for parties trying to get back on their feet without having to worry about keeping the roof over their head.

Experienced help can increase chances of success in divorce

Though various studies have identified certain risk factors that could increase the chance of a marriage ending in divorce, the reality of the situation is that marriages end across Louisiana daily for a number of reasons. Regardless of the reason, dissolving a marriage is never an easy road to embark upon and it helps greatly to have someone supportive and sympathetic by their side.

Are there any factors that could increase the chances of divorce?

With so many statistics flying around these days about how many marriages are likely to end up in divorce, Louisiana couples may already be reluctant to tie the knot. It is even more distressing to know that experts have identified a couple of factors that could increase the risk of a termination of marriage, including one's genetic disposition.

Not all assets and accounts are equal

During a marriage, couples are likely to divide the daily chores between each other, including the responsibility of fulfilling financial obligations. When the couple divorces, this could mean one spouse is unaware of where they stand financially. And this could leave one party in worse shape than they expected to be in after the marriage ends. There are, however, a few steps that can be taken to avoid financial missteps.

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