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Do children take part in Louisiana family mediation sessions?

When a marriage is falling apart, it's difficult for Baton Rouge spouses to look beyond ending this unhappy period of their lives. The divorce process doesn't make getting past this point easy. A marital relationship can be relegated to the past with divorce, but parenthood is ongoing – the relationship with an ex-spouse changes but doesn't end.

Payment options for Louisiana spousal support

Alimony may be awarded before and after the end of a Baton Rouge marriage. Alimony pendente lite is a spousal support agreement for married couples who are separated but not yet divorced. Spousal support paid following divorce can be temporary or permanent, although temporary alimony is more likely today than in years past, when spousal earnings were not as equal.

Family mediation may solve Sanfords' ongoing custody dispute

A lot of people share a great deal of information about their personal lives online. For better or worse, that information is out there for anyone to see. Sometimes, stating an opinion and sharing feelings feels good, but the consequences aren't always pleasant.

Considerations before deciding to get a Louisiana divorce

Discussions and articles frequently focus on the legal and emotional issues surrounding the end of a marriage. Information and opinions are plentiful about property settlements, child custody and spousal support – the considerations necessary once a divorce decision is made. Less seems to be written and said about the months or years leading up to the dissolution of marriage.

Pro-athlete’s contentious divorce stalled in settlement talks

Perhaps it's no surprise many Baton Rouge spouses have a difficult time settling issues at the end of a marriage. Sometimes, spouses resist divorce by delaying decisions when a dissolution of marriage isn't something they want. Some spouses feel the urge to "win" rather than compromise on conflicts over child custody, support or a property settlement.

Financial checklist for divorcing Baton Rouge spouses

Baton Rouge married couples who decide to end a marriage may not feel like dealing with issues like property rights. Prenuptial agreements or post-nuptial contracts can help avoid financial disagreements during the emotionally unsettling time of divorce. When no agreement exists, divorcing couples are bound to divide marital property under Louisiana community property laws.

Parish couple involved in divorce complex proceedings

The legal troubles of a couple affiliated with St. Bernard Parish continue to attract media attention. Dave Peralta, president of St. Bernard Parish, indicated he still intends to seek re-election next year, in spite of dramatic accusations made by his wife. She accused him of raping her on her birthday in their Meraux home. The couple is in the midst of a divorce.

Getting organized after your Louisiana divorce

Going through a divorce is never a pleasant experience. When it's over, you likely want to toss those divorce papers in your safe deposit box or drawer and never look at them again. However, they contain important information detailing the things to which you and your ex-spouse have agreed. Failure to abide by those agreements can have serious consequences for you and your children. Therefore, before you put the divorce papers away, it's essential to record some important information.

Getting a divorce? Some things to think about

For individuals in Louisiana contemplating a divorce, there are some financial and practical issues to think about. The costs of the divorce itself can vary greatly, and being caught up in full blown litigation over each and every issue can decrease the assets available to take care of your children, including saving for their college education. It is best to first rely heavily on your attorney to reach a good negotiated settlement on as many issues as possible, reserving protracted court hearings for things on which a negotiated settlement or compromise is not possible.

Getting divorced without an attorney can be a big mistake

Some people in Louisiana and elsewhere who are contemplating a divorce may be enticed by the thought of doing it on their own without an attorney, using instructions and forms found on some website on the Internet. While few would think of being their own doctor and treating their own illness based on information that any person without training can throw online right next to tales that Bigfoot is real, for some reason they may regard law differently.

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