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What are social workers’ roles in child custody cases?

Louisiana social workers sometimes are asked to enter into sensitive family law cases. A social worker's sole focus in a custody dispute is the best interests of the child. A parent, attorney or the court may ask for a social worker's assistance but throughout the case, the professional remains neutral and objective.

What judges consider in Louisiana child custody cases

Baton Rouge parents often have expectations during separation or divorce that may differ from a Louisiana family judge's views. It is common for parents to seek a self-serving child custody or visitation arrangement. Courts take a different viewpoint based upon the best interests of the child.

Virtual visitation changes the child custody playing field

Technology has changed the way people communicate, keep abreast of the news, shop and work. It now may play a role in the way people parent their children. Virtual visitation is slowly making its way into the parenting plans that are hammered out through divorce or separation as a way for a parent and child to stay in touch when they live far apart.

Louisiana couple's custody issues continue after their death

Most people hope that parents and anyone else involved in the rearing of a child keep the best interests of the child in mind. For an extended family in Baton Rouge, that consideration has resulted in the beginning of a custody battle over two children following the death of the mother and father. The children's maternal aunt has filed a custody claim, and the children's paternal grandparents indicate they plan to file a motion for custody as well.

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