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Louisiana Child Support Enforcement and court orders

As part of its many programs, the Louisiana Department of Children & Family Services helps establish and enforce court orders for the financial welfare of children. The Child Support Enforcement program facilitates the process of determining child support, according to state guidelines.

Critics want child support laws to reflect family changes

Revisions to laws often lag behind changes in society. Consequently, families try to cope with current conditions using old ways. Several analysts feel Louisiana and nationwide child support rules are based on outdated definitions of families.

Louisiana lawmakers may OK private firms to collect child support

Any Louisiana parent who's had difficulty collecting court-ordered child support from a non-custodial parent can probably empathize with a Louisiana woman who called collecting child support from her former spouse a "part-time job." It's a problem statewide and nationwide. That's why all but six states have turned to private businesses to help collect child support.

Statistics: 3 in 5 parents miss out on child support payments

Many Louisiana parents who are dealing with overdue or unfair child support payments may be wondering whether they are alone in their situation. The answer: a resounding, "no." Millions of Americans are struggling to get by without receiving the child support they need to raise their kids. Further, there are probably more single parents who are suffering through the same situations as a large population of Louisiana residents. Today, a look at exactly who should be - and who actually is - receiving the child support they need.

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