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Assets hidden in cryptocurrency can be traced during divorce

There are a number of difficult issues that arise during a divorce, and property division is one of them. Even though divorcing parties have the right and duty to share their finances through interrogations, depositions and documents, it is an unfortunate reality that some people do try to hide their assets. With advances in technology, the methodology has changed and, in fact, with the introduction of cryptocurrency, many believe concealing assets has become easier.

What is the difference between a fault and no fault divorce?

When filing for divorce in Louisiana, couples can select either of two categories to file under-a no-fault divorce or fault divorce. The category one's proceedings fall under as this determines the type of evidence that must be presented to finalize the award.

How does a divorce proceed?

Even though deciding to end a marriage is a difficult decision that is gotten to over a period of months, once the process begins Louisiana couples prefer that the matter is resolved as soon as possible. Like most other legal processes, a divorce can be marred by delays, but most divorces follow a similar timeline.

Prep for a divorce in the new year to save time, headache

December may be the month that sees the lowest number if divorce filings, according to a study conducted that analyzed 15 years' worth of filings from one state in the country. They peak in March and once again in August-coinciding with the end of holidays that could contribute to stressors that could be the final straw that break a marriage. Many experts call January 1 "Divorce Day", as they see a spike in phone calls requesting information about divorce.

When can grandparents get custody of grandchildren?

The bond between grandparents and grandchildren is a very strong one-they can enjoy their grandchildren and provide them with the love and attention that perhaps they were unable to shower on their own children. Each generation plays an important role in the other's well-being-children help their elders stay young and grandparents provide support and a strong foundation. When the child's parents are going through a divorce, this bond also ends up being affected, much to the dismay of grandparents.

When was I separated from my spouse and does it matter?

When one is getting married, the question they invariably end up answering the most is "how did you know your spouse was the one?" and when one is getting divorced, the most asked question is "how did you know your marriage was over?". It helps a divorcing individual get through the process as well by drawing a line between their former life and the life they are about to embark upon. Emotionally, it can be part of the healing process. It might surprise Louisiana residents to know that this proverbial line in the sand is an important part of the divorce process as well.

Conditions for interim spousal support in Louisiana

While a couple is married in Louisiana, they develop a routine, which may include one spouse running the home while the other continues to work. Or, one spouse may have accepted a lower paying job with better hours while the other works in a better paying job. Whatever their arrangement is, they have generally agreed on a situation that allows them to maintain a certain standard of living and it involves one spouse's financial dependence on the other. If the couple ends up divorcing, not only does this place one person at a long-term financial disadvantage, but also short term when they are suddenly deprived of the means of making ends meet.

What makes a prenuptial agreement unconscionable?

Gone are the days when discussing financial situations before marriage causes friction between a couple. Similarly gone are the days when only the affluent businessmen married to homemakers interested in protecting their assets are having their potential spouses sign premarital agreements. With so many couples marrying later on in their life and burdened with different financial obligations, more Louisiana residents are entering into prenuptial agreements.

Can I modify a marital agreement while I'm married?

Although there was a time when couples shied away from talking about financial issues before getting married, now more and more recognize that a frank discussion can prevent financial instability in case the marriage does not last. A prenuptial agreement, an agreement signed before the couple enters into marriage, is one that changes the regime of separation of property and ancillary matters and is recognized under law in Louisiana.

We offer a full-spectrum of services in a divorce

As previously discussed, Louisiana recognizes two types of marriages-the traditional marriage and the covenant marriage. Regardless of the type of marriage that one is in, when a couple is having marital difficulties they believe cannot be reconciled, they may want to put an end to their marriage. Covenant marriages have certain stipulations that must be met before the couple can get a divorce, but even within a traditional divorce, the couple must have lived apart for at least six months. The exception for this is if one of the spouses has been convicted of a felony.

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