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Few custodial parents receive full child support payments

Child support payments are undoubtedly vital for single parents in Louisiana and across the United States. In some cases, this could be the only monetary support available to a child, used to pay for things that are essential to his or her well-being. These facts make recent stats provided by the United States Census Bureau all the more alarming.

Handling the holidays as a divorced family

Spending time with family is a staple to the holiday season. This is also a time of year that can get a little tricky and present some conflict for divorced families with children in Louisiana and throughout the rest of the country. The busy and irregular schedules that come with the holidays do not always flow perfectly with the predetermined child custody arrangements.

Program aims to help parents pay child support

Making prompt and sufficient child support payments can prove to be a challenge for some noncustodial parents, especially if they are unemployed or underemployed. Many noncustodial parents who spend time in jail or prison are later released to a bad situation. Not only do they face a mounting debt of back child support, but they also do not have a way of immediately earning money in order to pay it off. This not only straps the noncustodial parent financially, but also robs the child of the greatly needed finances for everyday expenses.

Bill could change adoption laws in Louisiana

In our last blog, we discussed a situation where a gay New York couple adopted a child from Louisiana. When acquiring a Louisiana birth certificate for their child, the state refused to list both men as parents, because Louisiana does not recognize gay marriage nor are gay couples eligible to adopt a child in the state.

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