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How do uninsured medical costs affect child support?

Divorce can be heart-wrenching, reshaping the way an individual's life looks after the process is settled. The matter can be even more difficult to handle with child custody is challenged. And even when a resolution is reached, child support issues can linger for years. Though noncustodial parents often have to help pay for every day, educational, and extracurricular expenses, they also have to help pay for their children's medical care. But what if medical expenses far exceed one's health insurance coverage?

DMX arrested for not paying child support

Many Louisiana residents struggle to raise their children. A big part of this is a lack of financial resources, particularly if the noncustodial parent is not pulling his or her weight. On the other hand, many noncustodial parents find themselves facing their own financial uncertainty, and are therefore unable to make good on their child support obligations. This means that a delicate balance must be struck in regards to a child support payment amount and the understanding that anything less could lead to undesirable consequences.

Passionately representing Louisianans in child support cases

Child support is often one of the most hotly contested issues in a divorce, and for good reason. As we highlighted in last week's post, your child support obligation can be expensive and long-lasting. For some, their child support obligations can leave them facing financial difficulty. Yet, the same is true for custodial parents on the other end. Without the continued and consistent financial support of a noncustodial parent, these individuals may be unable to adequately provide for their children.

When can child support be terminated?

If you are a noncustodial parent, then you know the financial strain support payments can put on you. Even though support modification may help give you some breathing room, you might eventually want the support payments to stop altogether. Whether it is because you feel they are unjustified or because they are no longer needed, altering or ending these payments might be needed. There are instances when child support will be terminated, but there are also some circumstances that may give rise to a continuation of support, even when it would otherwise be terminated.

How can a parent locator service help me?

When your child's other parent has been ordered to pay support, it may feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. You may feel as if you will receive the financial assistance you need to get by, and you no longer have to struggle to provide for your child. Sadly, though, far too many Louisiana parents are left in a state of financial insecurity because their child's noncustodial parent fails to pay his or her obligation. This can be infuriating, however, there is some good news when dealing and addressing this situation.

Representing parents in child support matters

Recently, this blog discussed how the amount of child support a noncustodial parent owes to a custodial parent is calculated. Though there may be some fluctuation in the final amount determined, that does not mean that the amount is final until the end of time. There are many situations that may warrant a child support modification, which may correspondingly raise or lower your monthly payments. Amongst these situations are the sudden loss of a job, the onset of an unexpected medical condition, or a promotion or change to a better paying job.

How do courts decide on child support obligations?

Getting divorced can take an emotional toll. An individual may be ending his or her marriage to someone who he or she has deeply cared about for years, maybe even decades, and the circumstances that gave rise to the dissolution may be heart-wrenching. And yet, emotional harm is not the only issue divorcing couples have to contend with. They also have to find a way to deal with the financial realities of the situation.

Tax concerns during Louisiana property settlements

The division of property can be one of the most complicated aspects of the end of a Louisiana marriage. Property ownership may be decided in a prenuptial or post-nuptial contract, an agreement reached by spouses during separation or divorce or by a family law judge.

Louisiana Child Support Enforcement and court orders

As part of its many programs, the Louisiana Department of Children & Family Services helps establish and enforce court orders for the financial welfare of children. The Child Support Enforcement program facilitates the process of determining child support, according to state guidelines.

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